Cost Effective Solutions

AdvanTek Consulting's Mission

AdvanTek Consulting provides a wide range of technical expertise targeting facility performance, systems engineering, and resource efficiency tailored to meet each client's specific needs. These services are built around objectives of providing a comprehensive, high quality, cost effective solution for each project. Whether it be solving air quality concerns, increasing staff productivity, reducing energy costs, or improving indoor environmental quality, AdvanTek's team of creative and talented specialists can pinpoint the underlying root factors, then quickly develop an incisive solution and achieve a cost effective result.

Rapid and Flexible

With no cumbersome corporate overhead, AdvanTek is free to rapidly adapt to changing client environments without lengthy delays or hurdles due to corporate momentum and procedures. We acknowledge that each client has discrete requirements and policies. As these policies change, AdvanTek can rapidly respond.

Exceptional Value

AdvanTek's goal is to always deliver the most performance for each dollar. For each client, AdvanTek tailors its project management structure and team membership to best meet the goals and budgetary requirements of the individual project. To achieve the maximum cost-effectiveness, the appropriate level of talent is used for each task, and expenses are kept to an absolute minimum. Because no team member is compensated unless directly chargeable to a project, inessential indirect overhead expenses are minimized. Pre-qualified subcontractor services cover work such as design documents, estimating, and construction management services.

The Bottom Line

AdvanTek Consulting provides unbiased technical support. With each project, the needs of the client are placed first. Whether your needs are technical or business related, with AdvanTek, you get the results you want. Bottom line: your organization can save time and money with our proven solutions. For example, our integrated IEQ/Energy program reduces operating costs while at the same time increasing productivity.

Advanced Technology Application

Advanced Energy Application

The facility, a 394,000 square foot U.S. Postal Service Facility in San Diego, California includes office space and automated sorting equipment. Advanced and state-of-the-art technologies were investigated, including fuel cell co-generation, geothermal energy, automated energy management in response to real-time electric pricing, a hybrid gas/electric chiller plant, biax and microwave generated lighting, and variable cold-air distribution. These technologies exceed the requirements of the applicable energy efficiency regulations: ASHRAE standard 90.1, the National Energy Policy Act, and California Title 24. In addition, a comprehensive list of well-proven, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies will be implemented at this facility. The measures will reduce energy costs by 40%, from an estimated $1.40 per square foot with conventional technologies to $0.84 per square foot and qualify it as an Energy Star showcase facility.