U.S. Department of Defense, ESTCP

U.S. Department of Defense, ESTCP

These Environmental Security Technology Certification Program projects demonstrate the increased energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption of unitary direct expansion (DX) air conditioners equipped with Advantek‚Äôs patented ClimaStat technology.  Read more ›

Ultra High Efficiency Chiller Plant

Ultra High Efficiency Chiller Plant (Daytona, FL)

Advantek engineered replacement of an existing constant-flow air-cooled chiller plant with a state-of-the-art all variable speed chiller plant integrating the best available technologies and products. Chilled water costs were cut in half, saving the plant over $120,000 per year.  Read more ›

Twin Lakes Medical Center

Twin Lakes Medical Center

Advantek determined the root cause of humidity in excess of 70%rh and mold growth on furnishings and books via a thorough investigation of the HVAC system and building envelope. Twin Lakes Medical Center is a 96,000 square foot outpatient facility that provides urgent care and same-day surgery.  Read more ›

U.S. Postal Service Advanced Technology Application

U.S. Postal Service Advanced Technology Application

This 394,000 square foot U.S. Postal Service facility in San Diego, California includes office space and automated sorting equipment. Advanced and state-of-the-art technology applications were analyzed, including fuel cell co-generation, geothermal energy, automated energy management in response to real-time electric pricing, a hybrid gas/electric chiller plant...  Read more ›

Strategic Energy Management Planning

Strategic Energy Management Planning, U.S. Postal Service

Advantek Consulting worked for the U.S. Postal Service under prime contract with the Florida Energy Office and the U.S. Department of Energy and various other state subcontracts to develop and assist with the implementation of a comprehensive energy management plan to meet a goal of 30% reduction of energy costs.  Read more ›

Indian River State College

Indian River State College (Ft. Pierce, FL)

Advantek identified numerous energy cost reduction measures and calculated expected dollar savings and implementation costs for Indian River State College. The scope included nine buildings totaling 378,000 square feet, two chiller plants, and a pool heating system.  Read more ›



Advantek has provided forensic and HVAC design engineering services to several luxury homeowners in Florida. Expansive, high-end homes typically incorporate numerous air-conditioning systems with sophisticated zone controls, which often have more demanding performance requirements than commercial systems.  Read more ›

Corrections Center, Alachua County

Corrections Center, Alachua County (Gainesville, FL)

After a series of investigations done by other firms, the cause of excessive humidity at the Alachua County Corrections Center was finally determined by Dr. West using detailed computer modeling. The elusive nature of the root-causes was due to their being several factors, none of which alone was enough to explain the inadequate dehumidification.  Read more ›

School District, Hillsborough County

School District, Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL)

Complaints about organic odors and high humidity levels at two Hillsborough County High Schools prompted an investigation and analysis of the HVAC system design. The system controls incorporate a discharge air temperature reset, which increases air temperature at low cooling loads in order to decrease energy use.  Read more ›

Regional Library, Hillsborough County

Regional Library, Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL)

Mold growth on books and odors at the Hillsborough County Regional Library prompted an investigation of the building envelope and air-conditioning system. Advantek expertly pinpointed the causative factors and provided cost effective, energy efficient solutions.  Read more ›