Twin Lakes Medical Center

Twin Lakes

Advantek determined the root cause of humidity in excess of 70%rh and mold growth on furnishings and books via a thorough investigation of the HVAC system and building envelope. Twin Lakes Medical Center is a 96,000 square foot outpatient facility that provides urgent care and same-day surgery. Several design errors and miscalculations were found on the original building construction documents, which were compounded by numerous construction errors and defects discovered via detailed onsite inspections and data analysis. These included incorrect cooling coil selections, chilled water pipes that were too small, leaky window seals, and control programming errors. Working with Cape Design Engineering (Cape Canaveral, FL) and Ferran Services & Contracting (Daytona, FL), Advantek implemented and commissioned a corrective action package that included three replacement air handling units, five new fresh air units, new control sequences, additional chilled water piping, and duct system corrections. Humidity levels are now held within 40 – 50% even during extreme summer weather, and the owners were able to recoup the cost of the corrections.

Twin Lakes Chillers