U.S. Postal Service Advanced Technology Application


This 394,000 square foot U.S. Postal Service facility in San Diego, California includes office space and automated sorting equipment. Advanced and state-of-the-art technology applications were analyzed, including fuel cell co-generation, geothermal energy, automated energy management in response to real-time electric pricing, a hybrid gas/electric chiller plant, biax and microwave generated lighting, and variable cold-air distribution. These technologies far exceed the requirements of the applicable energy efficiency regulations: ASHRAE standard 90.1, the National Energy Policy Act, and California Title 24. In addition, a comprehensive list of well-proved, energy efficient and environmentally friendly technologies will be implemented at this facility. The measures reduced energy cost by 40%, from $1.40 per square foot with conventional technologies to $0.84 per square foot and qualified it as an Energy Star showcase facility.