David Harlos

David Harlos, ScD

Indoor Air Pollution Specialist

Dr. Harlos has distinguished experience in indoor environmental quality, evaluation of biological contamination in buildings, air quality monitoring and investigations, and industrial source sampling and business continuity planning. He has extensive experience in the diagnosis of indoor environmental problems covering hundreds of buildings, many in the humid Southeastern U.S. He has completed indoor air quality investigations of public schools, universities, hospitals, commercial and institutional buildings, and residences.

Dr. Harlos has over 33 years of environmental quality experience including 5 years in governmental regulation, 22 years in consulting and 6 years in university research. His expertise includes analysis of air quality, ambient air and air toxics monitoring and investigations, risk assessment and human exposures to air pollutants and industrial source sampling, indoor environmental quality and business continuity planning in the semiconductor industry and tidal wetlands research. He served as a faculty Research Associate at the Harvard School of Public Health, managed a national air toxic sampling network and other programs for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and has wide-ranging international experience in environmental measurements and evaluation. Among his current interests are business continuity planning for the impacts of fossil fuel depletion and the development of biological systems to functionally replace fossil fuel-intensive building utility systems and food production systems. He holds an SM degree in Environmental Health Sciences and a Doctor of Science degree from the Harvard School of Public Health and a BS and MS in biological sciences from Florida State University. He is an active member of the Air and Waste Management Association.